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  1. Announcing... The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary!

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ID:	6262Well guys, itís been about twelve minutes since I launched a new product, so itís time, wouldnít you say?

    Iíve been reading comic books since about 1985 or so. Since 2003, Iíve been writing about them over at and various other places all over the internet. And now, because absolutely nobody is demanding it, Iím presenting my new series of collected features from the corners of the web, The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary.

  2. Some (non plot-related) thoughts about The Walking Dead #100

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ID:	6025Amidst all the joy and chaos of Comic-Con last week, there was a bit of news that should be of interesting to anyone who, like myself, spends time thinking about the health and future of the comic book industry as a whole.

    The Walking
    , Robert Kirkman's little zombie comic book that turned into a massive hit and a gargantuan TV show watched by millions of people who have no idea it's based on a comic book, hit issue #100 last week. In the current ...
  3. New National Comics

    So this is interesting. Since DC Comics's New 52 relaunch last year, there are a number of characters and concepts that we haven't seen return yet. Even with 52 monthly series, there are thousands of characters in DC's stable who haven't had a chance to appear yet. (Especially when you consider that four of those 52 books star Batman.)

    So in July, DC is reviving the Golden Age title ​National Comics. This book, DC says, will consist of single-issue stories by different ...
  4. Choosing the year's best movies...

    Exactly one year ago today, I sat down in an effort to compile my personal list of the best movies of 2010, only to discover, to my horror, that I hadnít seen nearly enough 2010 releases to come up with any kind of comprehensive list. Undaunted, I decided to spent the next month gorging myself on on 2010 movies via Netflix and borrowing DVDs from people. Ultimately, I managed to create such a list, although it wasnít posted until February 1 of this year.

    Iíve come to realize ...
  5. A D23 Comment: In Defense of Marvel

    Here's something you don't hear from me often: a defense of Marvel Comics. This weekend, the Walt Disney company held their second biennial D23 expo, an enormous convention and promotional event about all things Disney. And since D23 only happens every other year, this is the first time Marvel Comics has been a part of the Disney empire for the party. There were two Marvel-centric events: a panel about the upcoming Avengers film, and a discussion with Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, where he ...
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