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  1. So now what am I doing?

    So last week, as you may have heard, I finally placed my novel Other People's Heroes in's Kindle store. This was, by the way, the revised and expanded version, with two bonus short stories. I've also put it in the Smashwords eBook store, where you can download it in virtually any eBook format. So while it's still pending approval in the Nook and iPad bookstores, if you have either of those devices, you can already get your copy of the book. And no matter where you buy it, it's just ...
  2. The Future (Evercast #44)

    It's been a while since I talked at you, friends. This week, in a mini-episode, I ponder the future of Other People's Heroes, and here's your chance to help shape that. Plus -- where will you be this weekend? Blake and the 2 in 1 Showcase boys are going to be at Wizard World New Orleans!
    The Future (Evercast #44)

    Theme music by Jeff Hendricks. Evercast logo by Heather Petit-Keller.
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  3. Other People's Heroes: Issue Seventeen WILL EAT YOUR LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	OPH400.jpg 
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ID:	2018Josh and Hotshot are on the run, accused of murdering the Gunk, while the real Gunk has taken on Lionheart’s face and is planning a scam that will engulf the entire city. There’s only one thing our heroes can do: call in the cavalry! The race to the finish continues this week in issue seventeen! Other People’s Heroes: Issue Seventeen (Evercast #37)

    Theme song, “Last of the Superheroes,” by American Heartbreak, courtesy of ...
  4. Other People's Heroes: Issue Sixteen HUMBLY REQUESTS YOU STOP PARKING IN ITS SPACE

    Josh Corwood has been captured, framed for the murder of the Gunk, while the real Gunk is now disguised as the long-lost hero Lionheart and ready to present himself to the public. Fortunately for Josh, he’s got at least one friend left who believes in his innocence. It’s time for a jailbreak. And don’t forget to come back Saturday, friends, for an audio bonus featring my newest writing experiment, Tales of the Curtain!
    Other People’s Heroes: Issue Sixteen (Evercast #35)
  5. Other People's Heroes: Issue Fourteen APOLOGIZES FOR ITS LATENESS!

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Name:	OPH400.jpg 
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ID:	1850After Blake apologizes profusely for the unexpected lapse in podcasting, it’s time to get back into Other People’s Heroes! In issue fourteen, Josh has put his first adventure as Copycat behind him, but in the course of his celebration, he blurted (in front of Annie and the entirety of Simon Tower) that he was in love with Miss Sinistah. With the secret out, he’s got only one place to turn for help. And while he’s at it, maybe he can find some time to figure ...
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