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  1. Blake Petit's Avatar
    I promise you this, Terry: right now, my electronic signature is worth exactly as much as my real one.
  2. Terry Verticchio's Avatar
    An intriguing notion. But unlike real signatures, how does Kindle-tures increase the value of the book? C'mon, you think I want some guy/girl to scribble in my book cuz I like it? When he/she dies and becomes famous that scribble will be worth a fortune!
  3. Blake Petit's Avatar
    All of those were under consideration. When I culled the final list down to 31 films, only Evil Dead (from that list) made the cut.
  4. s_agent's Avatar
    Aliens- even though it's less horror and more sci-fi, the tension is still at a very high level.

    The Ring- either version works. The epitome of a ghost story.

    The Evil Dead- scary with a wicked sense of humor. Brilliant.

    Hellraiser- different from the slashers of the 80's. More cerebral kind of horror.

    1408- horror without the gore, a real standout film in an age of torture porn.

    Paranormal Activity- not outright scary but the feeling of feat definitely stays with you after you finish watching.

    Drag Me to Hell- not so much important as it is a great horror film

    I wouldn't include Ghostbusters. I fail to see the horror value in that film.
  5. Blake Petit's Avatar
    Thanks, Craig. If this little project of mine works, it's going to be an ongoing thing, and I'm going to do a specific list of only horror/comedies, so I'll hold off on Shaun and the Ghostbusters. The others are all now candidates, before I narrow the list down.
  6. Craig Reade's Avatar
    Oh, you want more than a name?

    Well, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and The Shining should go without saying. They are absolute classics.

    Jaws is a psychological thriller, and definitely fits the monster movie theme.

    Blair Witch was an insanely popular movie, and is truly unique.

    Shawn of the Dead and Ghostbusters are more comedies, but if Aliens as a hybrid qualify, then these may as well. There are decent horror elements in both.
  7. Craig Reade's Avatar
    Poltergeist and The Exorcist need to be on this list. If you are going to include Alien, you should include Jaws as well. The Shining needs to be on there, and you should probably also add The Blair Witch Project. I'd also strongly consider adding Shawn of the Dead and Ghostbusters.

    Of course, there is this classic (which is actually hilarious, in a B Movie kind of way)

  8. Waylon Wernette's Avatar
    Who are you again? I kid, I kid. Let us know when they are up. I'll get it for the Kindle.
  9. Christopher J. Lawton's Avatar
    I'm excited to read OPH. I've wanted to for a while, but by the time I went to get it... I couldn't. I'm assuming I'll be able to Kindle it? (Yes. I'm turning Kindle into a verb. Live with it.)
  10. B. Schatz's Avatar
    Ah, well, unfortunately, I think the days of having an ongoing anthology are long gone. From a sales standpoint, they just don't move - though Marvel seems to have found a bit of a work-around for this, in their anthology series tied into "status quos" or "events" - generally, they focus on characters that you don't usually get to see - in the context of what's happening in the Marvel U, or whatever.

    Along the anthology lines, that's probably the best we're going to get for quite some time.
  11. Blake Petit's Avatar
    I guess I should have specified ongoing anthologies -- true, there are lots of one-shots and miniseries. And I'd forgotten that Dark Horse Presents is coming back -- I'm very happy about that. Savage Sword and Creepy both technically count, but they don't really give me everything I want in an anthology; in particular they don't give a tryout to new characters.
  12. B. Schatz's Avatar
    Well, right now there' Savage Sword of Conan, Creepy, and Dark Horse Presents over at Dark Horse. The DC 80 Page giants pop in every now and again. Weird Worlds is going there too. And then for the past, uh.... year plus? Two years? The X-line has had an anthology series going off and on. The one right now is called "X-Men: Serve and Protect". The Fear Itself: The Home Front will be an anthology book. The I Am An Avenger series was. Age of Heroes too. Image has Popgun, Afterworks, 24/7, Liquid City, Four Color Worlds... um... shoot, there's a Western one too coming out shortly.

    Anyway, there's lots of stuff- though none of them run indefinitely - mainly due to sales.
  13. BigWords's Avatar
    I (halfheartedly, it must be said) glance at it when it decides to despoil my television screen - The stories are starting to bleed into one another. My main gripe with Smallville (leaving aside the casting, writing and general look of the show) is that there is little to no distinctiveness to separate episodes. Also, it is one of the few superhero shows in which the allusions to the source material manage to insult rather than entertain the viewers... After ruining the chance of a half-decent representation of the origins of the Justice League I lost nearly all interest. Drooling over Cassidy Freeman is the only thing that draws me back. God, it's like a bad drug addiction...
  14. Blake Petit's Avatar
    Indeed. And one of the best episodes at that...
  15. Mark Blicharz's Avatar
    Later seasons? It's on season 10. This was the latest episode.
  16. BigWords's Avatar
    I hope you didn't make her sit through any of the later seasons. It didn't get much better.
  17. Scott A. Williams's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Verticchio
    Maybe they should skip both and go with Black Cat instead.
    As the cool kids say: "This."

    Speaking as a fan of the 90's cartoon, I'd love it.

    Mind you, in broad strokes it's a bit too similar to Batman/Catwoman, but the difference is Pete isn't Bruce when it comes to letting people get close. And it's been nearly a decade since Batman Returns.
  18. Terry Verticchio's Avatar
    Maybe they should skip both and go with Black Cat instead.
  19. PinchyWearO's Avatar
    I really like the cast for this movie so far...although I would've expected Stone to play MJ. I have confidence in a Webb Spider-Man movie. The only reason I'm glad it's a reboot is in hopes of mechanical webshooters. (Yes, I'm one of those guys )
  20. Blake Petit's Avatar
    I'm with you 100 percent on that one. More than anything else, I don't want to see Spider-Man in high school again.

    (Note to Zach Snyder: the same goes for Superman. I'm okay with that being a "harder" reboot than Incredible Hulk was, but nobody on the planet Earth needs to watch the planet Krypton explode yet again in order to follow a Superman movie.)
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