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  1. Announcing... The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary!

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ID:	6262Well guys, itís been about twelve minutes since I launched a new product, so itís time, wouldnít you say?

    Iíve been reading comic books since about 1985 or so. Since 2003, Iíve been writing about them over at and various other places all over the internet. And now, because absolutely nobody is demanding it, Iím presenting my new series of collected features from the corners of the web, The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary.

  2. Choosing eBook bonus content...

    So as Iíve mentioned before, I intend to have several products available as eBooks before the end of the year. Iíve got two so far, my ChriĖ ah, hell with it. If you havenít clicked on the links and bought Ďem by now, this post wonít convince you.
    But the next project thatís going to hit your electronic reading device will probably be my sophomore novel, The Beginner, coming back to print. (WellÖ electronic print.) Like Other Peopleís Heroes, itíll be an edited edition, but the revisions ...
  3. So now what am I doing?

    So last week, as you may have heard, I finally placed my novel Other People's Heroes in's Kindle store. This was, by the way, the revised and expanded version, with two bonus short stories. I've also put it in the Smashwords eBook store, where you can download it in virtually any eBook format. So while it's still pending approval in the Nook and iPad bookstores, if you have either of those devices, you can already get your copy of the book. And no matter where you buy it, it's just ...
  4. I've got a new short story available...

    Hereís an announcement I donít get to make nearly enough ó Iíve got a new short story now available for purchase.

    Fans of Other Peopleís Heroes, people who are looking for a deeper insight into the inner workings of Siegel City, this one is for you. Set a few years before the events of the novel, ďInciting IncidentĒ is about the efforts of a man named Ethan Hellig to find a way to give himself powers, hoping to make his own mark on the cityís superhero population. The ...