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  1. So now what am I doing?

    So last week, as you may have heard, I finally placed my novel Other People's Heroes in's Kindle store. This was, by the way, the revised and expanded version, with two bonus short stories. I've also put it in the Smashwords eBook store, where you can download it in virtually any eBook format. So while it's still pending approval in the Nook and iPad bookstores, if you have either of those devices, you can already get your copy of the book. And no matter where you buy it, it's just ...
  2. The Future (Evercast #44)

    It's been a while since I talked at you, friends. This week, in a mini-episode, I ponder the future of Other People's Heroes, and here's your chance to help shape that. Plus -- where will you be this weekend? Blake and the 2 in 1 Showcase boys are going to be at Wizard World New Orleans!
    The Future (Evercast #44)

    Theme music by Jeff Hendricks. Evercast logo by Heather Petit-Keller.
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  3. Other People's Heroes: Giant-Sized Final Issue is BETTER THAN RC COLA AND MOON PIES!

    It's here, friends, the giant-sized grand finale of Other People's Heroes! The battle lines have been drawn -- the Gunk, Dr. Noble and the Gunk's brainwashed minions vs. Josh, Hotshot, and the original LightCorps... and when the smoke clears from last week's episode, the truth about the Goop finally stands revealed! The last battle begins now!
    Other People's Heroes: Giant-Sized Final Issue (Evercast #42)

    Theme song, “Last of the Superheroes,” by American Heartbreak, ...
  4. Other People's Heroes: Issue Twenty-One is PENULTIMATELY AWESOME!

    It’s the penultimate issue of Other People’s Heroes! Last issue, the Goop saved Josh from Mental Maid’s soul ray, taking the blast himself, and revealing his true form. This issue, our heroes prepare for a last stand, the Gunk’s true plan is revealed, and we all zoom in towards the final cliffhanger! Enjoy this week’s issue, guys, because it all ends next week! Other People’s Heroes: Issue Twenty-One (Evercast #41)

    Theme song, “Last of the Superheroes,” by American ...
  5. Other People's Heroes: Issue Twenty is DECKING THE HALLS!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	OPH400.jpg 
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ID:	2227Josh and Animan have been captured. Hands bound, powers taken away, the heroes find themselves facing the testimony of Dr. Noble and the fake Lionheart, with Mental Maid’s Soul Ray their punishment if they fail. Can the cavalry possibly arrive in time? Prepare for the most unexpected return of them all! Other People’s Heroes: Issue Twenty (Evercast #40)

    Theme song, “Last of the Superheroes,” by American Heartbreak, courtesy of ...
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