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Walt Kneeland

  1. Sigmund: Veto Power and the Lucky Cat

    The other day when I turned my phone back on during a break at work, I found that I had two voicemails. This was disconcerting, as I virtually NEVER get voicemails--no one really has a need to call me during the day...everyone knows I WORK during the day. Plus, most also know I'm best reached via text, facebook, or email. So this grabbed my attention.

    Turned out that I'd been granted "veto power" by my mom as far as my dad being allowed to get a cat. Our family has had exactly ...
  2. DVD mini-review - TMNT: Turtles Forever

    Turtles Forever dvd case (stock image)Nine months after I first watched it, Turtles Forever has at last arrived on DVD. And watching it did not have the initial novelty thrill factor...but was still highly enjoyable--especially having the precise control of a DVD player's remote to pause, step forward a couple frames at a time, and so on. This alone allowed great identification of many great cameos ("cameo" being far too strong a word, probably) which upped the enjoyment factor this ...

    Updated 08-25-2010 at 12:24 AM by Walt Kneeland

  3. The Land Before Time...nearly 22 years later

    The Land Before Time poster imageI've spent more time using a Wii in the past three months than I have all other game systems (and computer games) in the past half-decade. However, this Wii has yet to (in my apartment) taste a single Wii game/disc. For these months, the only disc it's had is the Netflix streaming disc.

    The Wii has been my "Netflix cable box" and has allowed me to watch an entire season of My Name is Earl, part of the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, ...
  4. Something new from something old

    While at Gen Con this past weekend, my friends and I went to a "Paint-and-take" event. Basically...we showed up, and they provided a miniature, the paints and brushes, and the space to work.

    I spent TWO HOURS painting this little dwarf.

    Paint-and-take Dwarf mini from Gen Con 2010You wouldn't think that to look at him, though--look at him, and you'd probably figure I spent 10 minutes on him, given the crappy paint-job. (To say nothing of the lack of color-coordination).
  5. All geek conventions are not created equal

    This past weekend, I attended Gen Con with a couple of my oldest friends.

    The journey to Indianapolis was good--got to see other old friends, revisit the BGSU campus, and generally made the very trip itself a social thing.

    The last time that my friends and I attended Gen Con--back in 2005--we were into several games. Warmachine, Star Wars Minis, and some lingering Heroclix interest. There were lots of freebies in the "swag bag" with admission, and loads of freebies ...
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