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  1. But those girls don't have casings! You can see their bare circuits!

    It's funny how a girl's taste in music has the biggest impact on how I'm into her.

    Case in point: There's a strip club near where I live where I have the occasional drink. Or dinner ... or lunch (F**k you, you judgmental pricks). Each girl on the main stage dances to three songs of her choosing. She dances to the first song with her lingerie on, topless on the second, and fully nude for the third.

    So it's late last night and I'm trying to numb myself to the world around ...
  2. An Open Letter to Olivia Munn

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    Dear Miss Munn,

    Please stop being so goddamn hot. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but it is not cool to be as goddamn hot as you are and be a nerd. You can't give fanboys hopes that they might one day score a woman as goddamn hot as you who shares their taste for Magic: the Gathering decks constructed before Urza's Saga, when in reality the only way they're getting close to a woman like you is if they really paid attention during

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