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Tripping Balls on the Light Fantastic

Maaaaatt daaaaaamon.

  1. 9/11 and the Steelers versus the Ravens: Football in the Kingdom of Fear

    Maybe it’s just me, but tomorrow’s match between Pittsburgh and Baltimore kind of feels … wrong.

    Don’t misunderstand: I am ecstatic that this match is taking place. Not so far as several weeks ago did the longtime labor strife had me doubting if we would even have a 2011 season, or if their heartbreaking defeat at Super Bowl XLV would not be the last I would see of my beloved Steelers for a long time. Now I get to watch them inaugurate the first Sunday of the regular season by continuing ...
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  2. God, Shitty Movies, Amputee Fetishes ... Stuff Like That

    A few days ago, in the midst of those blistering, merciless Southern Texas blizzards, bored out of my mind now that I no longer pass the time with liberal doses of illegal narcotics, I decided to rent a couple of shitty movies. And I don't mean so-bad-it's-good. I mean just plain shitty. Why? I don't know. I do weird crap when I'm sober.

    The shitty movies?

    2009's Whiteout and 2007's I Know Who Killed Me.


    Here's a fun thing to do with ...

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  3. Pax Bisonica

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    Exactly 16 years ago, the world lost Raul Julia.

    It will forever be remembered as one of the saddest days in Hollywood.

    But for him, it was Tuesday.

    For I beheld Satan as he FELL FROM HEAVEN! LIKE LIGHTNING!!!
  4. Holier Shit.

    Either I'm being set up for the cruelest prank in the world, or I'm going to meet with somebody from Simon & Schuster next week.

    ... Well crap in a hat and call it Christmas.
  5. Because Crime People Am Being Superstitious and Cowards.

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    filler filler filler
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