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  1. Rudolf the Exploited Reindeer

    Well, the silly season is upon us again. It's Christmas time and while we like to think its about Peace and Goodwill, its really about getting stuff.

    Anyway...this blog ain't about the over-commercialization of the Christmas Season.

    No it's about something else, something that's been nagging at me for a while. It's about how people have been duped into thinking the song Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a good, wholesome song.

    It is in fact about enabling ...

    Updated 12-25-2014 at 02:43 PM by Terry Verticchio

  2. Who do we pick on now?

    Okay, my last blog was all profound and deep and whatnot. So let's liven things up a bit. Though this is pretty dark in of itself. Meh.

    One has to admit that in the 12-odd years since 9/11 the War on Terror and our fear of militant Islam has cooled somewhat. The Muslim Spring kinda took the wind out of the sails of our disdain. Not too mention that militant Islam seems more interested in killing each other than the infidel west at the moment.

    Alas that leaves us in the ...
  3. Was it worth it?

    Well March, 2014 marks Canada pulling out of Afghanistan after twelve years of war.

    Of course everyone is asking was it worth it? Unfortunately, in my opinion Canadians are the wrong people to ask if it was worth it. We should be asking the Afghans if our presence was worth it. Did we improve things? Did we give them hope for a brighter future? We fought for them.

    I know many men that served in Kandahar and I envy them for their service overseas. Hell, I would have gone ...
  4. Remember when...?

    Remember when Superheroes used to fight bank robbers and purse snatchers?

    Remember when a hero fought the villain only a couple buildings and few cars got smashed and not the entire bloody city? Something even ordinary insurance could cover and not cripple the economy of the entire country trying fix it if they really had to.

    Remember when some story lines ended after a single issue. Stand alones...merciful Allah I'd kill for a stand alone story and not another all encompassing ...
  5. Lament for the Next Big Thing

    Okay I was in my LCS today buying my weekly load of nerdware. Before I pay I ask the young lady behind the counter a very profound question. One that I think may be beyond anyone's answering.

    "So, 'Infinity' or 'Trinity War'?"

    As I feared she had no clear answer to my quandary. So we discussed the Next Big Events, the build up, the interest on-line, which will be the most underwhelming, etc...I even ask her what books she collecting, as I'm always on the look ...
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