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  1. Other People's Heroes: Issue Eleven Has ZERO CARBS!

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ID:	1522Last issue, Josh Corwood discovered the truth about what happened to Lionheart 10 years ago -- but now, he and Hotshot have to find the rabbiting Icebergg before Dr. Noble gets his hands on him. Plus, Blake reads a listener e-mail and makes an admission abou this long-ago days of writing "fanfiction."
    Other People's Heroes: Issue Eleven (Evercast #30)

    Theme song, “Last of the Superheroes,” by American Heartbreak, courtesy ...
  2. Miniature Love

    There is nothing better than our culture. When I say our, I'm talking about of course, the comic/entertainment culture that we've got going. Comics, it seems, have begun to bleed into everything and everything is bleeding into comics.

    One of the sub-cultures (sub-sub-cultures?) that is of interest are miniatures. More importantly miniature gaming. Those of us that truly love comics talk about getting into the industry, or the back story of certain players in the industry. With Miniature ...
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  3. Sigmund: Veto Power and the Lucky Cat

    The other day when I turned my phone back on during a break at work, I found that I had two voicemails. This was disconcerting, as I virtually NEVER get voicemails--no one really has a need to call me during the day...everyone knows I WORK during the day. Plus, most also know I'm best reached via text, facebook, or email. So this grabbed my attention.

    Turned out that I'd been granted "veto power" by my mom as far as my dad being allowed to get a cat. Our family has had exactly ...
  4. Other People's Heroes: Issue Ten will CURE YOUR DANDRUFF!

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    Okay, maybe not. But it IS online!

    Last week, an alarm went off at Simon Tower. Someone has committed a “crime against a cape,” and the assembled heroes and villains of Siegel City will have to chase the guilty party down. But will Josh be able to contain his ire when he’s partnered up with Hotshot, the man who betrayed the memory of Lionheart? And will he change his mind when he finds out the truth about what happened to Siegel City’s ...
  5. What is THE CURTAIN?

    As of late, in-between recording Other People’s Heroes and rewrites on Opening Night of the Dead, I’m been furiously writing away on a new project I call The Curtain. As I’ve mentioned it here several times, I thought it may be interesting to tell you a little about it. What is The Curtain, you may ask? Well… it’s not a novel (although it may someday be seen in book form) and it’s not a podcast (although I may someday run segments from it on the Evercast). It’s a different sort of writing ...
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