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  1. You effing British people who edit Wikipedia

    Listen. Look. Hey. What's up.

    I watch a lot of TV. Probably entirely too much. And I do like to read about TV. And I'm a big fan of British shows like Blackadder, Extras and Monty Python.

    I understand TV works differently over there. Your comedy shows get 6 episode-or-so "series" (which for whatever reason retail for the same price as 22-episode American shows, but whatever.) The difference between a British "series" and an American "season" ...
  2. I'm a story kinda guy

    I'm a story kinda guy.

    I prefer the stories in comics to the art--though of course, with a comic, the art is intrinsically tied to the story (and vice-versa). But it's safe to say that I tend to read comics for the stories more than for the art. (Which is not to disparage the art).

    With tv, I don't mind if a show is low-budget, so long as there's a strong story.

    And I have no real interest in blu-ray other than for the stupid 'exclusive' extras that seem to ...
  3. I've got a new short story available...

    Here’s an announcement I don’t get to make nearly enough — I’ve got a new short story now available for purchase.

    Fans of Other People’s Heroes, people who are looking for a deeper insight into the inner workings of Siegel City, this one is for you. Set a few years before the events of the novel, “Inciting Incident” is about the efforts of a man named Ethan Hellig to find a way to give himself powers, hoping to make his own mark on the city’s superhero population. The ...
  4. Conversations with a pregnant sister

    My sister, Heather, is having a baby in October. My girlfriend, Erin, instructed me to offer our collective service as a babysitter.

    Me: Erin wanted me to let you know we’ll watch the baby so you and Will can go out.
    Heather: She’ll be there?
    Me: Yes.
    Heather: Because I’m not letting you watch it by yourself.
    Me: Gee, thanks.
    Heather: Well no offense, but you seem kind of awkward around kids.
    Me: I’m a TEACHER!
  5. Happy birthday, America

    What day is it? It's a great day for America!

    Happy Independence Day to all you lovely Americans out there. Glory, glory Hallelujah.
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