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  1. I've got a new short story available...

    Here’s an announcement I don’t get to make nearly enough — I’ve got a new short story now available for purchase.

    Fans of Other People’s Heroes, people who are looking for a deeper insight into the inner workings of Siegel City, this one is for you. Set a few years before the events of the novel, “Inciting Incident” is about the efforts of a man named Ethan Hellig to find a way to give himself powers, hoping to make his own mark on the city’s superhero population. The ...
  2. Conversations with a pregnant sister

    My sister, Heather, is having a baby in October. My girlfriend, Erin, instructed me to offer our collective service as a babysitter.

    Me: Erin wanted me to let you know we’ll watch the baby so you and Will can go out.
    Heather: She’ll be there?
    Me: Yes.
    Heather: Because I’m not letting you watch it by yourself.
    Me: Gee, thanks.
    Heather: Well no offense, but you seem kind of awkward around kids.
    Me: I’m a TEACHER!
  3. Happy birthday, America

    What day is it? It's a great day for America!

    Happy Independence Day to all you lovely Americans out there. Glory, glory Hallelujah.
  4. Holy Shit.

    I still cannot believe how badass this is. I've been on and off the phone the whole day with my new literary agent in New York. I can't believe I've got a fragging literary agent in New York.

    Holy shit, this could really be it.Great Pumpkin could actually be published someday soon.

    Holy shit. I'm this close to finally being able to call myself a writer.

    Holy shit.

    I ... holy shit.
  5. The Beatles Never Broke Up... another universe.

    Cute premise for some remixes/mashups. George Harrison in particular is on the record as saying that, had the band stayed together, they would've ended up recording the same songs, only more "Beatley."

    The result, oddly enough, sounds distinctly un-Beatley, due to the measures taken to obscure the original recordings. Kind of reminded me of Broken Social Scene's latest release.
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