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  1. 2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys

    I thought it would be fun to post a blog detailing my thoughts on the state of the 2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys, and what I feel they should do for a successful season.

    2012-2013 DALLAS COWBOYS

    CAP SPACE: Upwards of around $20 million. With restructuring and hopefully signing Franchise Tagged OLB Anthony Spencer, Dallas will have more money available.

    Draft 1st ...
  2. 9/11 and the Steelers versus the Ravens: Football in the Kingdom of Fear

    Maybe it’s just me, but tomorrow’s match between Pittsburgh and Baltimore kind of feels … wrong.

    Don’t misunderstand: I am ecstatic that this match is taking place. Not so far as several weeks ago did the longtime labor strife had me doubting if we would even have a 2011 season, or if their heartbreaking defeat at Super Bowl XLV would not be the last I would see of my beloved Steelers for a long time. Now I get to watch them inaugurate the first Sunday of the regular season by continuing ...
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  3. GG w/ Wayloski Madden 12 Review Part 2

    In case you missed the link, click HERE for Part 1 of GAMING GOOdNESS with Wayloski's Madden 12 review!


    The game's not all bad however, and to prove it here's my list of Pros.


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