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    by Published on 08-19-2012 06:38 PM
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    Reviewer: Blake M. Petit, BlakeMPetit@gmail.com
    Quick Rating: Inexplicably Good
    MPAA Rating: R

    More bombs, more guns, more blood. The Expendables are back!

    Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Randy Coture, Liam Hemsworth, Scott Adkins, Nan Yu, Charisma Carpenter
    Screenplay: Richard Wenk & Sylvester Stallone
    Director: Simon West
    Producers: Avi Lerner, Danny Lerner, Basil Iwanyk, Kevin King Templeton, John Thompson, Les Weldon
    Presented by: Millennium Films/Lionsgate
    Release Date: August 17, 2012

    Mercenary Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is summoned back into action when the mysterious Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) cashes in on a debt left over from the first film. Ross's team is sent overseas to retrieve a mysterious case from an airplane crash, only to run afoul of a bloodthirsty Belgian who makes the job much more personal.
    by Published on 08-19-2012 05:19 AM
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    At Gamescom, Activision has unveiled some new details about the upcoming Deadpool game.

    According to High Moon Studio's new "chief" Deadpool, who wrote the fact sheet, the game will be a third-person shooter, featuring an array of weapons from various guns, katanas, explosives, and apparently duct tape. He highlighted the contributions of Daniel Way to the game's story (Way has been writing the Deadpool solo title since March, 2009) and a bit of an overly personal life lesson about the dangers of eating spicy food.

    Deadpool confirmed that the game would probably not feature a fourth wall of any kind.
    by Published on 08-19-2012 05:09 AM
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    At Gamescom, Activision has released a few new screenshots for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II. We have them for you here:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II is due out on November 13th, 2012 for the X-Box 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

    Official Site

    Support cxPulp and preorder Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Amazon.com!
    by Published on 08-19-2012 04:52 AM
    Pam Bouvier (License to Kill)

    This past week, Activision and Eurocom unveiled the third and fourth of five movie-inspired missions that will be a part of their upcoming 007 Legends game.

    "The method of picking which James Bond movies to include in 007 Legends was a deep and thoughtful process between Eurocom, Activision, EON and Danjaq," said David G. Wilson, VP of Global Business Strategy, EON. "We took great care in selecting movies that helped define who Bond has become over the years, and ones that could be tied together in a compelling way to pay homage to 50 years of 007."

    In 007 Legends' Die Another Day movie-inspired mission, the quintessential secret agent is sent to rendezvous with Agent Jinx to investigate the connection between Gustav Graves - a diamond mogul funding the development of an international space weapon called Icarus - and a North Korean terrorist set on unifying his country once and for all. With Jinx's help, Bond must chase down Graves, racing along ice while dueling against North Korean spies and Graves' allies, all while dodging concentrated blasts of solar energy from the Icarus weapon. After confronting Graves on his high-flying jet, Bond must prevent triggering a war between North and South Korea and escape the stricken jet before it's destroyed.
    by Published on 08-17-2012 02:44 AM
    Bloodshot #2 cover

    Review by: Walt Kneeland (walt.kneeland@gmail.com )
    Quick Rating: Very Good

    Striking back against his captors, Bloodshot seeks the truth of his life and identity while those who made him what he is seek to tie up loose ends--Bloodshot himself.

    Writer: Duane Swierczynski
    Art: Manual Garcia with Arturo Lozzi
    Inking: Matt Ryan
    Coloring: Ian Hannin
    Lettering: Rob Steen
    Cover Art: Arturo Lozzi and Andy Brase
    Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
    Associate Editor: Jody Leheup
    Executive Editor: Warren Simons
    Cover Price: $3.99
    Published by: Valiant

    A man plays with his son, and a freak accident brings him back to reality--Bloodshot awakes, and though he realizes that his memories are fake, they can be instructive. While he pieces stuff together, forces work against him, leaving even his fantastic durability rapidly deteriorating. With some help, he's able to gain some ground, as we learn what exactly he is presently seeking.
    by Published on 08-16-2012 05:28 AM
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    Reviewer: Andrea Speed andy@cxpulp.com
    Quick Rating: Strangely Average

    The government tries to shut down its super secret agent program ... but one gets away. Because in these movies, one always does.

    Starring: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Scott Glenn, Stacy Keach, Donna Murphy, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, and Zeljko Ivanek

    Written By: Tony Gilroy & Dan Gilroy

    Created By: Robert Ludlam

    Directed By: Tony Gilroy
    Released By: Universal

    The Bourne movies are pretty solid action entertainment, and the first three films are well done. Sure, you kind of know what's coming, but it moves fast, and it's directed with a sense of style, so it's all very easy to enjoy. It doesn't ask a lot of you and gives you a good time, and what more do you want from a big budget action film? (Or a date?) But because there's no really new ideas right now, and those Bourne movies are positively ancient – I mean, if it wasn't made in the last five years, it's a relic of another age – the series has been rebooted, with new actors, and a new storyline. Well, new-ish.

    by Published on 08-15-2012 10:01 PM
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    It’s never a happy occasion when a comic creator passes away, but news of the death of Joe Kubert hit me harder than most. It’s not like we were friends or anything. I met him at a convention once, got some autographs. He was very nice and generous with his time, but I’ve found that’s true of most comic pros I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person. ...
    by Published on 08-15-2012 12:11 PM
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    Shipping This Week: August 15, 2012


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    BATWOMAN #12 ...
    by Published on 08-13-2012 11:30 PM
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    True Blood
    Episode 510 – Gone, Gone, Gone
    Aired August 12th, 2012
    9 PM, HBO

    Oh, True Blood – what am I going to do with you? I realize we're getting near the end of the season, but ... man, what the hell? Sometimes I find it insanely difficult to review this show. I just want to type “what the hell” and leave it at that.

    by Published on 08-13-2012 08:12 AM
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    Breaking Bad

    Episode 505 – Dead Freight
    Aired August 12th, 2012
    10 PM, AMC

    This is why we can’t have nice things, Breaking Bad! I mean, really. I’d send you to your room if I weren’t afraid of you.

    The first hint bad things were afoot was the strange cold open, which could have been from a Spielberg film. A dirt biking kid finds a tarantula in the desert, stupidly plays with it, then puts it in a jar. That’s it. I was expecting him to stumble across a corpse or something, but no, we get this quiet slice of desert childhood. The only hint we have of anything going on is a train whistle in the background, but it means nothing to us. Yet.
    by Published on 08-13-2012 04:04 AM
    Archer & Armstrong #1 cover

    Review by: Walt Kneeland (walt.kneeland@gmail.com )
    Quick Rating: Great
    Story Title: Sons of Perdition

    Young Obadiah Archer sets off into the world on a Holy Mission that may not be exactly what he bargained for.

    Writer: Fred Van Lente
    Art: Clayton Henry
    Color Art: Matt Milla
    Letters: Dave Lanphear
    Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
    Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup
    Executive Editor: Warren Simons
    Published by: Valiant

    In ancient Mesopotamia, we find a brother looking to cash in a "boon" to bring his deceased brother back to life. While the other brother sees folly here, the elder refuses to listen...and ushers in global disaster. Flashing forward to the present, we meet Obadiah Archer, actively proving himself worthy of taking on a holy mission. Having been "sheltered" his whole life, he thinks himself ready for the world, but things aren't quite as he expected...the same for his mission. ...
    by Published on 08-07-2012 09:00 PM
    Article Preview

    This week is going to be a struggle. I tend to not like writing about certain gaming issues. One such topic is the world of micro-transactions, despite it being rich and fertile with stuff to complain about. As such, the following is a well organized and thought provoking foray into the ugly world of how we view transactional elements in games. As a plus, however, I do make a strong effort in blaming Microsoft for all of our woes.

    (And, if you do not get the joke embedded in the title – every week is free. I just loathe DLC and cannot resist, pardon the pun, cheap jokes.)

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