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    by Published on 04-03-2012 02:00 PM
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    Thoughts on consoles: I have been trying to avoid news about consoles Ė everyone should. We do this dance far too often. What is there really left for consoles to accomplish in terms of technology? They are hardware-specific PC's. The natural progression for them is a networked media center. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 both do this reasonably well, so what's next? People like me would argue an open OS without a slew of hardware issues. Video processing technology has made some interesting steps since the last consoles were released and 3D technology, while nowhere near ready, is another step. Naturally, both Sony and Microsoft are looking at the latter. The former is obvious.

    So, back to my original premise Ė avoiding the news. If you look you can find information about what chips might be used, target resolutions, etc., but none of it is going to help you. It's always rumor until you see the box as it's announced. Even stupid things like the silver boomerang controller designed for the PS3 are circulating again. I implore everyone to ignore it! Consider this to be one of my rare PSA's.

    Think of the children!!!
    by Published on 04-03-2012 08:10 AM
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    Reviewer: Andrea Speed andy@cxpulp.com
    Title: Chew, Book 5: Major League Chew
    Quick Rating: Very Good

    Amelia decides to take the hunt for Tony into her own hands.

    Writer: John Layman
    Artist: Rob Guillory
    Cover Art: Rob Guillory
    Publisher: Image

    Tony has been officially missing for a shockingly long time now, even out of comic book context, and yet it seems like no one really cares. Tired of the runaround and general apathy, Amelia decides to find Tony on her own. An accidental slip of the tongue and a bit of luck help her immensely.
    by Published on 04-02-2012 08:50 AM
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    Game of Thrones
    Episode 201 - The North Remembers
    Aired April 1st, 2012
    9PM, HBO

    Yes, Iíve decided to go ahead and review this now, as how can we call ourselves a nerd site without covering nerd catnip such as this? And you know Iím not saying that in a derogatory manner, as I am a geek who wishes they were a nerd, but Iím probably too weird for even the nerds. So.

    Please keep in mind I havenít read a single one of the books. Iím just reviewing this from the perspective of a viewer. A viewer who came in late, and was slightly off-put by the rape-y tones and sexposition (exposition while having sex - talk about multitasking) of the first couple of episodes, but somehow got sucked into it all anyways. Fantasy of this caliber isnít my thing, forthe most part I gravitate more towards horror-fantasy, but this is damn compelling world building. What it comes down to is, basically, throw genre out the window. Anything can be compelling if itís a good story told well,whether itís fantasy, science fiction, romance, or horror. Or all of the above. But what I mean to say is, no spoilers from the book, or Iíll cut you.

    by Published on 04-02-2012 01:10 AM
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    Reviewer: Andrea Speed andy@cxpulp.com
    Title: Book One, Episode 2: Doctor Brain & The Kamikaze Clones!

    Clones everywhere! What to do? Time travel, of course.

    Writer & Artist: Marc Jackson
    Publisher: Weirdo Comic

    This weird little indie comic forges on, with lots of plot and weirdness to make up for the somewhat shambling nature of the first issue. Oh, and it's a must that you read the first issue, or little of this will make any sense to you. In fact, even having read the first issue, this one skirted the sense of coherence at times. Not that that's a bad thing. In fact, it does capture the manic edge of farce very well.
    by Published on 04-01-2012 09:29 PM
    cover for Avengers vs. X-Men #0

    Review by: Walt Kneeland (walt.kneeland@gmail.com )
    Quick Rating: Good
    Story Title: Prologue

    The Scarlet Witch is back, though the reception she receives is rather chilly. Meanwhile, Hope has a hard time seeing WHY she's supposedly so special, though it could be beyond her comprehension.

    Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & Jason Aaron
    Artist: Frank Cho
    Color Art: Jason Keith
    Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
    Cover Art: Frank Cho & Jason Keith
    Assistant Editor: John Denning
    Associate Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
    Consulting Editor: Nick Lowe
    Editor: Tom Brevoort
    Published by: Marvel comics

    We've got two short stories here; the first focusing on the Scarlet Witch and the other on Hope. The Scarlet Witch story finds her trying to stop M.O.D.O.K.s (there's more than one now? I think I sorta knew that from something in the last few years). Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman wind up involved, and once the threat is resolved, they convince Wanda to return to Avengers Mansion with them. To be reunited with her old teammates. The first face they see is Vision's...and given the "history" between the two, particularly including/since Avengers Disassembled...no one's exactly thrilled.
    by Published on 04-01-2012 07:12 PM
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    Episode 261: Avengers Vs. X-Men Pre-Game Show
    by Blake M. Petit & Erin Blash

    With Avengers Vs. X-Men starting this week, Blake and Erin talk about the run-up to it, including the launch event, Marvel AR, and Infinite Comics, with a critique of Mark Waid's Luther. Plus, they get into all the news from WonderCon and Emerald City, including the new Valiant Comics, Womanthology, the Rocketeer, and more! Plus -- April Fool's gags are irritating, Draw Something is cool, and cats are adorable. In the picks, Erin is enjoying Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift and Blake doubles up with Superman #7 and Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures #1! Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp.com!
    by Published on 03-30-2012 10:14 AM
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    Episode 313 - Digital Exploration of Interior Design
    Aired March 29th, 2012
    8 PM, NBC

    Community bounces back from a more subdued episode to one of those wacky ones, with product placement satire meeting 1984, and Vice Dean Laybourne putting in anotherappearance. Anytime John Goodman shows up, itís a treat, but now he has a braid? Christ on a tortoise, that is genius.

    Anyhoo, Subway has moved into Greendale, and while Shirley and Pierce find a loophole that the controlling interest of any business must be owned by a Greendalestudent, Subway has outsmarted them by buying the name and rights to a man who is now legally known as Subway and is attending Greendale. Heís a ďcorpo-humanoidĒ, the logical extension of corporations somehow being people. Because he has a ďmorality clauseĒ and such (hereís where the 1984 satire comes into play), Pierce and Shirley want Britta to lure Subway into violately the contract, ergo freeing up the sandwich shop spot. She is offendedand refuses to do it ... even though Subway is dreamy.
    by Published on 03-29-2012 08:26 PM

    Activision and High Moon Studios announced today that Transformers: Fall of Cyberton will be launched on August 28th, 2012. The game will be available on the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 with an MSRP of $59.99.

    With the announcement, they have released a new trailer and a new behind-the-scenes video for the game.
    by Published on 03-28-2012 10:52 PM
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    Since you're reading this on the Internet and not on some ancient papyrus scroll you recovered from an ancient cave somewhere (I'm assuming), you by now have probably heard about producer/explosive demolition enthusiast Michael Bay's upcoming take on the Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles. In the new film, the characters will be neither teenagers nor mutants, but rather aliens who have come to Earth and, somehow, resemble five foot turtles. The Internet, being the place of calm, reasoned discourse that it is, immediately began drawing lots to decide who was going to supply the torches and who would get the pitchforks. And I was ready to join them.
    by Published on 03-28-2012 01:53 PM
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    Shipping This Week: March 28, 2012




    ACTION COMICS #1 5TH PTG $3.99
    ALL STAR WESTERN #7 $3.99
    AQUAMAN #7 ...
    by Published on 03-28-2012 02:45 AM

    Welcome back to the $40 Pull List!

    Working on evolving the video a bit - a lighting experiment I attempted didn't work out as well as I had hoped, so I will apologize for that in advance. Going to be working with the audio starting next week to make it a little more uniform. I am still learning, and with that is going to come some misfires! Even still - we went through 7 books in 12 minutes... a big improvement over the first video to say the least! I resisted the urge to rant about Batman for a half an hour, so that probably helped.

    As always, please leave your comments, let me know what you thought about the books on the list this week, and give your suggestions for new books to add for April. That is coming up with next week's video! ...
    by Published on 03-27-2012 05:31 PM

    Do the creep ewww, do the creep ahhh! Alright nerds, Bioshock Infinite developer Irrational Games has just released the final reveal trailer in their Heavy Hitters series. Check out the Siren. This crazy lady can communicate with ...

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