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    by Published on 11-06-2011 10:02 PM
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    Peanuts #0 (Boom! Studios/kaboom!)
    By Charles M. Schulz, Iain R. Morris, Ron Zorman, Vicki Scott, Paige Braddock, Lisa Moore

    I am, unabashedly, a Peanuts fan. I’ve always loved the comic strip and I have an enormous amount of respect for the works of Charles M. Schulz. So I always have a bit of trepidation when somebody else picks up the Peanuts characters. Still, kaboom! did a worth job adapting the Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown cartoon to a graphic novel earlier this year, so I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for a $1 zero issue. Happily, my faith was justified by this comic. There are two new stories in this issue, and both of them feel like the sort of thing Shulz would have approved of. In “Carnival of the Animals,” we see as Charlie Brown examines the rich fantasy life of his dog, Snoopy. The second story, “Woodstock’s New Nest,” is a wordless tale in which Snoopy tries to help his little yellow buddy find a new home. The characters feel very true to themselves in these comics, which is really important. The artwork is a little different from what we could get from Schulz – not 100 percent on-model, but probably about 97 percent. What’s more, as in the aforementioned graphic novel, the artists use some different layouts, stuff that’s more like a traditional comic book, and blend those layouts with Schulz-like panel designs. The result feels familiar, but fresh at the same time. If you’re a Peanuts fan, if you’re thinking of reading this comic either by yourself or with your kids, grab this zero issue. It’ll help you make up your mind, if nothing else, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    by Published on 11-06-2011 09:31 PM
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    Review By: Blake M. Petit BlakeMPetit@gmail.com
    Quick Rating: Very Good
    Title: World Against Superman
    Rating: T

    Can Earth handle a hero from another world?

    Writer: Grant Morrison
    Pencils: Rags Morales & Gene Ha
    Inks: Rick Bryant & Gene Ha
    Colors: Brad Anderson & Art Lyon
    Letters: Patrick Brosseau
    Editor: Matt Idelson
    Cover Art: Rags Morales & Brad Anderson
    Publisher: DC Comics

    Glen Glenmorgan, CEO of Galaxy Broadcast Systems, has made an announcement rocking the whole world – he has evidence that the mysterious Superman stomping around Metropolis is in fact from another planet. As the news spreads, the public opinion begins to turn against him, and Clark Kent begins to question his mission on Earth.
    by Published on 11-06-2011 08:22 PM
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    Reviewer: Terry Verticchio
    Quick Rating: Very Good

    Rachel continues to find out who killed her.

    : Terry Moore
    Publisher: Abstract Studio

    Rachel has been dead for a while now. She's visiting all of her old haunts, so to speak, all in the hopes of gaining some clues as to who did this to her. But she seems to be set adrift, never really getting closer to the truth. In the meantime another force is working in parallel to Rachel, setting in motion terrible tragedy and horror onto anyone she comes in contact with. Does this new malevolent player hold the key to Rachel discovering the truth?
    by Published on 11-06-2011 07:27 PM
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    Reviewer: Terry Verticchio terryvert@hotmail.com
    Quick Rating: Good
    Title: Two Hundred Jizo

    Usagi Yojimbo celebrates a milestone, so you know that means lots of people are going to die.

    Stan Sakai
    Colours: Tom Luth
    Editor: Diana Schutz
    Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

    It was a dark and stormy night when Usagi happened onto a village looking for shelter and perhaps something to eat. But it doesn't take long for our favourite Rabbit Ronin to learn that the people are being tormented by a gang of ruffians. Will Usagi prevail or will his long journey finally come to end?
    by Published on 11-06-2011 05:45 PM
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    Episode 244: Holiday Movie Preview 2011
    by Blake M. Petit & Erin Blash

    With Thanksgiving coming upon us, Blake and Erin talk about this year's slate of Holiday ...
    by Published on 11-06-2011 03:31 PM
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    Reviewer: Jimmy Wahl Jimmy.Wahl@gmail.com
    Quick Rating: Excellent
    Title: The Dark Side part three

    Apollo gets unleashed while the rest of Stormwatch fights a giant monster in Colorado.

    Writer: Paul Cornell
    Pencils: Miguel Sepulveda
    Colors: Alex Sinclair and Pete Pantazis
    Letters: Rob Leigh
    Cover: Sepulveda and Sinclair
    Editor: Pat McCallum
    Publisher: DC Comics

    With the world under attack by giant monster-spawning meteorites, shot at us by the moon, about to crash into major cities across the planet, Stormwatch takes up the challenge and brings the fight to the first arrival. Team leader, Adam One, a new character that's deaging since his birth in the moment of creation, sends reluctant new recruit and Superman-level threat Apollo into space to eliminate the rest of the meteors. The rest of the team, including swordsman Harry Tasker after completing his moon mission, bring the fight to the monster in America.

    by Published on 11-06-2011 01:33 AM
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    Episode 706 - The Mentalists
    Aired November 4th, 2011
    9 PM, CW

    I want it noted I really wanted to like this episode, and that I still think Supernatural’s ghost burning effect, when their bones are torched, is its signature contribution to the paranormal TV series pantheon of damn cool things. (The X-Files had the black oil alien possessions, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer had the dusting of staked vampires.) I’ve seen it a thousand times, but I always enjoy it.

    Okay, that said, this wasn’t a bad episode. It had a Buffy shout out (Orb of Thessulah!) and a couple of nice, quippy remarks. But I had a severe case of déjà vu throughout. It felt like a “greatest hits” round up of Supernatural, an episode so lightweight I’m half convinced that it ...
    by Published on 11-05-2011 02:06 AM
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    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    Episode 708 - The Anti-Social Network
    Aired November 4th, 2011
    10 PM, FX

    Is there a more awesome bad fake name than Doctor Mantis Toboggan? I want to change my name to that (Doctor would be my first name, Mantis my middle name), and use it proudly. And this is a callback! I just forgot what an awesome name this was.

    This is an uneven episode with two definite stand out moments: Charlie and Dennis’s false rape charge scene and the “virus video” Frank makes for the bar. Everything else is pretty much filler until we get to these psychotic moments of hilarity. Not to say there wasn’t some chuckles in between, but those moments really stand out.

    There is a plot this episode, but like many Sunny plots, it gets derailed by these weirdly obsessive people. They check out a hipster bar where they only serve gin in Mason jars, but ...
    by Published on 11-04-2011 09:38 PM
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    Episode 306 - Advanced Gay
    Aired November 3rd, 2011
    8 PM, NBC

    Hmm. I’m of two minds about this episode, which actually had a bit of drama in it, as well as laying down plot threads that feel like they’re significant, exposition for all that is to come. There is certainly an undercurrent of growing up and moving on, which suggests to me that the guys on Community are hedging their bets in case this is their last season. But I digress.

    Pierce is enjoying some new popularity, but doesn’t understand it, until Abed finds out Hawthorne Wipes are part of a campy club hit in the gay community, which has also found a specific use for them. (It’s left to your imagination what it could possibly be, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the removal of santorum.) Being a homophobe - as well as a racist, misogynist xenophobe (funny how those things can travel in packs …) - Pierce initially doesn’t take this well. But then ...
    by Published on 11-04-2011 08:06 PM

    Activision and Radical have released a brand new free iOS game (for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) in anticipation of the release of [PROTOTYPE2]. Check out the trailer here:

    PROTOTYPE 2 will be released on April 24, 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC. The game is currently rated "RP" (Rating Pending) by the ESRB, with an expected "M" (Mature - Content that may be suitable for persons 17 and older) rating.

    Support cxPulp and Pre-Order [PROTOTYPE2] on Amazon.com! ...
    by Published on 11-04-2011 07:10 PM
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    In this month's Forty Dollar Pull List, your intrepid hosts:

    • React to The War of the Independents,
    • Talk about how much we miss Devin Grayson,
    • Compare the new Blue Beetle to the last version,
    • Try and decide if Daredevil is the best Marvel book on the market or not,
    • and much more!

    You know you must read more!

    by Published on 11-04-2011 02:53 AM
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    Reviewer: Adam Chapman adam.chapman@sympatico.ca
    Quick Rating: Very Good
    Title: Spider-Island Epilogue: The Naked City

    Peter Parker tries to deal with the aftermath of Spider-Island...

    Writer: Dan Slott
    Artist: Stefano Caselli
    Color Artist: Frank Martin
    Letters: Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
    Assistant Editor: Ellie Pyle
    Editor: Stephen Wacker
    Executive Editor: Tom Brevoort
    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Spider-Island was without a doubt one of the most ambitious, large-scale Spider-Man stories attempted in quite some time, and although there may have been some bumps along the way, it sure ended on an extremely strong, solid note. This issue is the last bannered Spider-Island book, acting as an enjoyable epilogue, which manages to both close off some plot threads, as well as open up new avenues for future storytelling by Dan Slott. There's a lot going on in this epilogue, and yet it never feels crammed in or forced, and save for one particular characterization, all of the characterization is spot-on, and well written.

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