• The Infinite Vacation #2 Mini-Review

    The Infinite Vacation #2 (Image Comics/Shadowline)
    By Nick Spencer, Christian Ward & Kendall Bruns

    By Nick Spencer, Christian Ward & Kendall BrunsMark loves the Infinite Vacation, an amazing service that allows a person to buy their way to an alternate universe where they can take over the life of an alternate version of themselves. But somebody is bouncing around the multiverse, murdering alternate versions of Mark. To make matters worse, he’s met an intriguing girl named Claire, who happens to be a “Deadender” – part of the small percentage of the multiverse who doesn’t want to take the Infinite Vacation. As a group of Marks come together to protect “our” Mark, he finds himself hiding out with the Deadenders and learning a bit more about the mysterious Claire. There was a surprisingly long wait between the first and second issue of this series, and that diminished my enjoyment of the book just a tad. I had to remind myself of what’s gone before to really appreciate what happened this month. Once I got over the time gap, though, the story kicked right back in and worked just perfectly. The concept itself is great, but Nick Spencer takes it a bit farther with interesting characters that make the story worth reading. The last-page reveal isn’t exactly a shock, given the context of the story, but it works well, and it sets up some great drama and danger for the rest of the series. This is a weird little story, and it’s one I’m really loving.
    4/5 Stars

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      "That's pedophile Mark. We hate that guy."

      Oh Nick Spencer, you delightful, delightful man.