• SDCC Activision Preview - Hands On X-Men: Destiny

    Last night, Activision hosted a preview night at San Diego Comic-Con for some of their upcoming games. In the first of four articles, we will look at X-Men: Destiny.

    We started off with Silicon Knights president Dennis Dyack introducing the Comic-Con trailer for X-Men: Destiny. He announced a release date of September 27th, 2011 for X-Men Destiny, which will be available for the X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the trailer below:

    I got a chance to play a few moments of the game. I was definitely interested – this is something of a departure from the previous X-Men games, but I am intrigued by the direction they are going. As revealed previously, you will be able to play one of three brand new characters: Aimi Yoshida, a 15 year old Japanese girl smuggled into the country by her parents to avoid being put in a mutant camp; Grant Alexander: a Georgian who wants to play pro-football, and Adrian Luca: an anti-mutant activist who finds he is a mutant himself. The game’s story was written by X-Men: Legacy scribe Mike Carey.

    I sampled a bit of the first level of the game where we see a memorial service for the recently deceased Professor X. An attack quickly follows, and you are thrust in the role of one of the three new mutants and must fight for your life along side members of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

    One of the first things that happens is you get to choose an initial mutant ability – energy, shadow matter, or density. As you progress through the game, you are supposed to be able to upgrade these abilities as your mutant grows into their power through experience and training. Fights are broken up by conversations with the various X-Men and Brotherhood characters, to which you ask questions and eventually make decisions which will lead you down one of those paths.

    My initial play-through was decent. There were a few little things that bugged me – some of which may have been my fault. I wasn’t ever able to locate the “Invert Y-axis” option, and playing without that always throws me off. It was an early level, so there was the tutorial feature that would give you instructions as you fought. Instead of giving you the hint and then having the box vanish, never to be seen again – instead it remained on the screen until you dismissed it. I thought this was an interesting idea… unfortunately dismissing it wasn’t that easy to do during a fight, and if the box was blocking part of the screen it could be dangerous.

    Combat was intuitive and similar to the style we found in the last Ultimate Alliance game, but a little more streamlined for a more arcade style. The graphics were strong – as they should be at this point, and I was able to chug through several combat encounters smoothly with no hiccups. My initial reaction to the game is positive – but I can’t really declare one way or the other until I get to play a little more of it. That will have to wait until September!

    Check back later for a pair of behind-the-scenes videos featuring Jaime Chung, the voice of Aimi Yoshida; and Scott Porter, the voice of Adrian Luca.


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