• Flashpoint: Project Superman #2 Mini-Review

    Scott Snyder, Lowell Francis, Gene HaFlashpoint: Project Superman #2 (DC Comics)
    By Scott Snyder, Lowell Francis, Gene Ha

    Continuing our walk through the past of the Flashpoint universe, this issue we see how Sam Lane took to the boy called Subject One, the alien whose crash-landing devastated Metropolis. While the government has its own ideas about how to deal with the young alien, Lane begins to think of him as his own child, as much as his daughter Lois, something that isnt sitting at all well with their original agent, Subject Zero. The most intriguing part of this story, for me at least, is the totally different dynamic the relationship between Sam Lane and Kal-El has taken. The Sam Lane weve seen most recently in the DC Universe was violently anti-alien in general, and anti-Superman in particular. Its interesting to see how different that is when hes there with the alien in question from its infancy. The character is humanized a bit, which is nice to see. This issue also ties back in to Flashpoint #3, explaining a few of the beats we saw during the invasion of the base by Flash, Batman and Cyborg and further shedding light on just how Kal-El of Krypton became the shrunken, broken creature we saw in that issue. Subject Zero is still interesting in his own right, and more and more I find myself wondering if hes going to turn out to be an analogue to a character were already familiar with. This is a nice issue, filling in a lot of blanks about this weird new universe.
    4/5 Stars
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    1. Ben Mayfield's Avatar
      Ben Mayfield -
      I liked the first issue a little better, but a good middle issue nonetheless. I see some don't like the art on this series, but I've been enjoying it.

      I'm a little miffed with the information from DC on these Flashpoint books and how they will relate to the DCnU. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Stormwatch book, but I find out three weeks after the first issue drops that the origins of Apollo appear to start here. That's something that I think should have been a little more well known. But I reading the first ish, I find I need to look to Booster Gold #45 for a better understanding of what made him. Grrr.

      It happens in comics a lot, but the info should be a little easier to follow. I think the series could have had more potential readership if people knew even more than this universe's Superman origins were potentially coming out of this mini.