• Flashpoint: Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #3 Mini-Review

    Adam Schlagman, Robson Rocha, Felipe MassaferaFlashpoint: Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #3 (DC Comics)
    By Adam Schlagman, Robson Rocha, Felipe Massafera

    With Abin Sur defying the Guardians’ order to find the White Entity and evacuate it from an Earth on the brink, Sinestro has been sent in to confront him. Abin, though, is determined to save the Earth, even if the Guardians are ready to abandon it. The end of this issue is interesting, but seriously unexpected. Considering that the Aquaman/Wonder Woman battle has factored into the conclusion of several of the Flashpoint miniseries so far, it’s not surprising to see that’s the case here as well. Unlike the other books that have ended with this battle, though, something happens in this issue that could have a direct impact on the main Flashpoint title, should Abin Sur appear in that book. While it certainly makes for a good way to end this book, I always feel like it’s a bit of a cheat to do something quite this big in a spin-off. Hopefully, even if Abin does appear, what happens to him won’t be used in such a way that the readers who didn’t get this issue will feel like they’ve missed something. As it is, it’s a strong way to wrap up Abin’s storyline. Rocha and Massafera deliver on the artwork – the cover is a knockout, and the interior pages aren’t far off from that quality. This is one book that really looks great. It was a good chapter in the overall Flashpoint saga. I just hope it wasn’t a vital one.
    4/5 Stars