• Supernatural, Episode 710 - Adventures In Babysitting

    Episode 710 - Adventures In Babysitting
    Aired January 6th, 2012
    9PM, CW

    Supernatural returns from hiatus in hopefully better shape than when it left. This season, it seems like we have two or three blah episodes for every one really good one, or maybe one good plot mixed up with a bad plot in an episode. This episode was one of the latter.

    Part of me would really like to a hunter version of Hit Girl and Big Daddy (a Kick Ass reference, if you don’t recognize it). Some psychotically well trained little girl who can rip through demons like a tornado of razor blades, and a father so gripped with the idea of vengeance that he has no idea what he’s actually doing to his daughter. (By the way, that was the best part of Kick Ass the movie- I kind of wished we followed their story all the way through, not that jerky kid’s, but I’m seriously digressing). I think Supernatural kind of hinted at that here, but in a hedging their bet way that diluted it until all we had was a mostly absent father and a generally well trained but kind of snotty young teen. How ironic - in a story of fanged hot girls, they defanged a premise.

    The whole “monster of the week” plot was a snooze, and what might have been with the hunter and his daughter had me really disliking what ended up on screen. (It’s general predictability didn’t help either.) The more interesting plot was the B one, where a still grieving Dean was forced to work with Bobby’s paranoid friend Frank (or as I call him, the long lost Lone Gunman) to find out what Bobby’s last message could possibly mean, and what Biggus Dickus might be up to. You could pretty much predict every beat in the A story, and something really irked me about the fact that Dean never once said to Sam, “You know what Dad wrote about these demons? It’s wrong.") That was all he had to say! But if he had, this story wouldn’t exist. Frank is no Bobby, but he’s not meant to be, and him reminding me of the Lone Gunmen is enough to make me like him. (A Supernatural/X-Files crossover would have been awesome.)

    Do I think Dean’s disappearing beer was meant to suggest Bobby picked ghosthood? I think the writers want us to believe that, but I won’t actually believe it until ghost Bobby and ghost Castiel rip Biggus Dickus to shreds before returning with Crowley to the underworld to live as kings. Oh hey - I just thought of the best ending for this storyline ever! Please Supernatural writers, make that happen.

    2.5/5 Stars