• Community, Episode 317 – Basic Lupine Urology


    Episode 317 – Basic Lupine Urology
    Aired April 26th, 2012
    8PM, NBC

    Let me just get this out of the way now – Michael K. Williams is awesome. Yes, his “A man’s gotta have a code,” was total Omar/The Wire fan service, but I still squealed a little when he said it, and I doubt I’m alone. I mean, clearly the Dean agreed with me. (If he ever busts out the “When you come at the king, you’d best not miss,” or a sawed off shotgun, I’ll plotz.) But I also loved his later bit in the courtroom scene: “I hate you both.” Really made me laugh.

    Oh, have I mentioned yet I loved this episode? I’m not completely sure why, except I loved the deadpan send up of possibly every Law and Order episode ever made, and all about a murdered yam. Yes, I said yam. It’s just wall to wall glorious silliness, until the very end, where the show deliberately hits a sober note that probably wasn’t a surprise to anyone who’s used the internet in the past year.

    I must admit it’s hard for me to single out what I liked best, as there’s a lot of great stuff in this episode. Annie is horrified when the yam the group was growing as part of their biology class is found murdered … er, thrown on the floor and stamped on. Professor Kane assures them they’ll get a passing grade, which bothers perfectionist Annie to a deliberately absurd degree, so she gets Kane to agree that if they can prove someone sabotaged their project, he’ll give them a better grade. So that gets Annie heavily invested in getting to the bottom of this.

    Everybody found their roles really quickly. Troy and Abed became the world weary beat cops, with Shirley as the savvy police chief, and Jeff the jaded, seen it all lawyer, trying to help Annie shore up her case. Britta gets shortchanged here (or should that be short Chang-ed, as he only makes a non-speaking cameo as well), but she does have a nice little moment where she shows them how she can make a picture on a computer look old Western-y.

    Just about everyone who’s ever been a bit player in Community shows up, from Fat Neil, Vicki, Garrett, Magnitude, and Todd. (Was Leonard in Pierce’s group at the beginning? Because otherwise, I think Leonard got shortchang-ed too.) One of my favorite one off gags was when Jeff bought a hot dog from Garrett on a suspiciously New York-y looking part of the campus, and after Jeff tells him to keep the change, he pauses and says, “On second thought, keep the hot dog too.” Why was that so funny to me? I have no idea. That’s probably why I loved the constant reminders that Troy and Abed couldn’t really arrest anyone, even though they still tried to, and those occasional “I can both hear and see you” when the group discussed things between themselves, standing off to one side. Annie’s premature victory dance in the court (class) room was pretty great too.

    One thing this episode taught me? If they want to launch a new Law and Order with the entire cast from Community, I would watch the shit out of it. Oh, and poor Starburns – breaking bad isn’t for the clumsy, Alex. You should have known. (Was anyone else wondering if he was in a in Los Polos Hermanos parking lot when this happened? Bonus points to anyone who gets that.)

    4.5/5 Stars
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    1. Adam Chapman's Avatar
      Adam Chapman -
      An absolutely fantastic episode, possibly one of their best parody/satire shows. They mimicked Law & Order to a tee, encapsulating twenty years of a television show in just twenty-two minutes. Everything was pitch-perfect. I had completely forgotten about the rumours about a cast member
      so the ending took me completely off-guard, just as it was meant to. But even then, that was totally something that Law & Order would do with their closing scene, so it was both fitting and appropriate.

      Next episode is going to have a hard time topping this one? Since their return from hiatus this show has had some truly great episodes, including this one, the Blanket Fort two-parter and the Dreamatorium episode, and I hope that the string of hits continues. Plus, I hope to God that this show gets renewed, it is one of the most brilliant comedies that NBC has ever put on the air.

      And yes, Andy, Leonard was in the scene with Pierce near the beginning of the episode, and he even had a line, so he wasn't completely short Chang-ed.
    1. Mini's Avatar
      Mini -
      My only issue is that there's not enough Pierce!
      What I love the most about Community was it's ability to mix and match characters each week and have it work, now it seems that it's becoming more, or at least heading down that route, about Annie and Jeff.

      The Dean has to be my favourite character of all time though, I don't think I haven't had a LOL when he comes on, I also need to learn the nursery rhyme he sang at the end