• X-Men #29

    Review By: Blake M. Petit BlakeMPetit@gmail.com
    Quick Rating: Very Good
    Rating: T

    To save Pixie from the Skrulls, the X-Men round up a few friends.

    Writer: Victor Gishler
    Art: Will Conrad
    Colors: Guru eFX
    Letters: Joe Caramagna
    Cover Art: Will Conrad
    Editor: Jeanine Schaefer
    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Writer Victor Gishler finishes off his X-Men run in style. Pixie was first tricked into breaking into the Baxter Building by Skrulls, and then was spirited off by Skrulls pretending to be the X-Men. Now, the X-Men and Fantastic Four are doing battle with some weapons leftover from the Secret Invasion, while Pixie, Spider-Man and friends try to stop a Skrull escape craft with a human hostage.

    The biggest strike against this issue is really one of timing. Itís very clear that this is a story that takes pre-Avengers Vs. X-Men, and probably even before Fantastic Four #600 (as the Human Torch doesnít make an appearance and the FF are still wearing the ďFuture FoundationĒ versions of their costumes, with no 4 insignia). Putting out a comic that clearly predates a book published last November makes it feel a little anachronistic, but itís still a fun issue despite any of that.

    This book has been called ďX-Men Team-Up,Ē and for the most part thatís been a fair assessment (the cover even features a jam piece of the X-Men with all the guest-stars who have appeared in the series), but thatís not a bad thing at all. To the contrary, considering the immense weight the rest of the X-titles have been carrying these days, this story (and this book in general) has been a nice way to kick back and have a little more fun with the X-Men serving more of a pure superhero role than they have a chance to do elsewhere. Pixie is obviously starstruck in the presence of Spider-Man, which makes for some really entertaining exchanges. And while weíre on the subject, Gishler writes Spidey dialogue incredibly well Ė Iíd love to see him tackle the wallcrawler himself some time.

    Will Conrad and Guru eFX put out beautiful artwork. The layouts and action scenes are very strong, the colors arenít garish but at the same time pop just enough to have a real energy to them.

    Itís a good issue and a fine end to Gishlerís run.

    4/5 Stars
    4.5/5 Stars
    4/5 Stars
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    1. Ben Mayfield's Avatar
      Ben Mayfield -
      Yeah, Victor Gishler's entire run has kind of tragically been under the radar during his tenure on X-Men. It's loaded with great ideas and solid characterization throughout.