• Batman 3 has a title... and not much else.

    Director Christopher Nolan's third sojourn in the Batman franchise has officially been titled: The Dark Knight Rises. He has also confirmed, according to the Empire Online article I am currently stealing this from, that the villain will not be The Riddler, despite fervent, frothing, sweaty fanboy speculation/demand (yours truly included.) Mind you, this isn't particularly a bad thing, since we're talking about Christopher "I Directed The Dark Knight and Inception and now you're just going to have to take whatever I give you and cherish it" Nolan we're talking about here, so I still think he can be trusted to do whatever he wants.

    One thing's for sure, though: in posting, reporting, and anticipating this film, 99% of us are just going to keep typing The Dark Knight Returns, instead of Rises, unconsciously.

    Nolan goes on to say "We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones," which is basically like saying "We are making a movie about Batman." Thanks, Chris. The film is set for a July 2012 release.

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    1. James Leask's Avatar
      James Leask -
      I like the title; it fits with the movie as the final part of Nolan's trilogy and it's both simple and evocative. However, I've already seen a few Bat-erection jokes out there, but I imagine they'll go limp long before the movie comes out.
    1. Andrea Speed's Avatar
      Andrea Speed -
      Batmanuel! Also known as Die Fledermaus.