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Puppy love

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ok so my cousin recently baught a 6 week old staffordshire terrier. apparently she took one look at the little pup and fell in love. 200 later my cousin owns her own pup and proclaims "coco" to be the cutest little thing in the world.
now youd think id be suspicious when my cousin calls my phone and asks me to help TRAIN said pup because she doesnt know anything about dogs, but no. off i went to check out the new pup.
5 minutes in and i find myself getting annoyed when the pup yelps and dashes across the room at me and my cousin reacts by screeching, jumping up on the furniture and running out of the room demanding that i discipline the dog.
"what the crap is wrong with you? its as big as a guinie pig"
"im afraid of dogs"
i had one of those moments where i grit my teeth and im sure my left eyebrow reached halfway up my forehead
"you ****ing what?"
yes thats right, she got the damn dog knowing full well shes afraid of them for no other reason then "but shes cute". now is it just me? or should there not have been some consideration that maybe, just MAYBE this thing would grow into a full size dog and wouldnt be cute anymore, and by acting afraid of it the whole time its growing there might be a chance youll get an aggressive dog that doesnt know any better.
what posseses a person to purchase something they're afraid of just because for a short while at least.... its "cute"
and while im at it... whats this crap about rubbin your dogs nose in its own piss when it urinates on the floor? am i the only one that thinks you're effectively telling the dog "smell this? thats you, THIS is your territory, piss here as often as you please"

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  1. Waylon Wernette's Avatar
    Should have told her to buy a pit bull and raise it right. They are the most loving, intelligent dogs out there.