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Andrea Speed

The synopsis of Night of the Blood Beast, in MST3K quotes only

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It's both sad that I could do this pretty much off the top of my head, and that it kind of works.


"Dick Currier - when dick absolutely, positively has to be there overnight."
"When I fly the real one, it'll have more stuff."
"Someone's burning leaves, and NASA is there."
“The rest of NASA rushes to the scene.”
"Who knew we needed fuel?"
"Did he have a skull when we sent him up?"
"Look how dead he is."
“Well, we had to snap him in two like a frozen dog to get him out of the space capsule, but …”
“I’ve never seen a man so dead.”
"It's like he's dead or something."
"He's got Senor Wences disease!"
"I'll keep fiddling with the corpse."
"Hi, have you been helped?"
"Where is up here?"
"Sure! Ram it, clown."
"It's as if he's dead."
"This is a stupid space program! I'm gonna go work for my Uncle's space program!"
"Not everybody is Steve!"
"And the Steves are there."
"This has Steve written all over it."
"Can I go home?"
“What I’m about to say may sound strange, but I think we should eat this corpse.”
"I'm gonna go walk in front of a bus."
"So a blood beast can dismantle a distributor cap?"
“Time to dance, blood beast.”
"I bet it's those nuns from the Sound of Music."
"Everything's going wrong in this movie!"
"If you're looking for that one thing, Barb moved it."
“Steve, Steve and I have something to tell you.”
"God hates us."
"Snarf farm?"
"I saw a huge blood sucking alien, but I didn't think it was important either."
"Ahh ... I'm gonna go kill myself again."
"... with so little food and no air ..."
”Condescend, condescend…”
"You know, my gown opens from the rear."
“There’ll be other Steves.”
"Just three little ties in the back, it slips right off ..."
"Yep, it's the dismount that always impales them."
"What, me Steve or him Steve?"
“Oh, Steve’s name is Johnny!”
"You think I'm Steve, don't you?!"
"We sold off your organs."
"Can you be dead again?"
"No more questions, more boobies."
"You big dumb dead guy, sit down."
"Put a shirt on while you're at it."
"Wow, he's loaded with shrimp!"
"Steves don't preach, I'm in trouble deep ..."
"Barney's been in a fire! I love you, you burn me ..."
"This is no way to meet the in-laws!"
"Not the copier!!!"
"You stupid wall! Stupid wall!"
"Come here you little tramp. When I think of the blood beast's hands all over you ..."
"So Julie, I guess he wasn't getting enough at home, huh?"
"This is no ordinary Steve -"
"Here's your Frankenberry pistol."
"So, what are we all looking at?"
"Our plan is going perfectly."
"I regret nothing!"
"Can I make you a shirt?"
"I'm filled with scampi."
"We're sending you to stay with relatives until this whole thing blows over."
"Donna omitted for clarity."
"Part of him was inside you, yeah ..."
"You're the only one interested in this, Steve!"
"Let's review. What are we talking about?"
"Okay. And the plan is ..?"
"Hard to trust a guy not named Steve."
"I think Johnny's lying about the babies and just wants the alien to marry him."
"Let's keep it between us Steves."
"Hey weirdo, hey freak, how're the shrimp?"
"Hey Beast, honey, are we still going bowling?"
"... I'm seeing a wool pantsuit, and someone is hungry for a frosted item ..."
"If the name says Corman, there's gonna be walking."
"He think's he's Ida Lupino again, he's all wigged out."
"Now I'm hiding in here, because the dogs keep burying me and digging me up."
"I'm having hard enough time!"
"You can't throw jars of rice!"
"The St. Louis Parrots mascot was burned to death today ..."
"Whew! Must have got a hold of a wet blood beast."
“Yep. Just what it is we’ll never know – we’ll never know.”
"Buy shrimp where you work or play!'
"Okay so, what was the point again?"

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