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Get your eBook of Other People's Heroes" signed"!

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One of the few real arguments against eBooks left for me is that you canít get an eBook autographed as a collectible or keepsake. I donít have an awful lot of autographed books, but I know some autograph hounds that would be upset to lose this potential source of enjoyment, and may even avoid eBooks entirely because of that. But it seems now that somebody has found a way to get around this.

Earlier, thanks to a post by our own Andrea Speed, I learned about At Kindlegraph, you can request an electronic ďautographĒ from over 800 authors on over 4000 eBooks. The author will get an e-mail and youíll get the autograph ó along with a short personalization ó as a PDF file. You can have it sent directly to your Kindle (which may incur Amazonís e-mail charge, which was 10 cents last time I looked), or you can have it sent to your e-mail address for free, then load it up to your Kindle (or any other device that displays PDFs) yourself. In fact, you donít even need an e-reader to take advantage of this service. As you can see here, Iíve got an autograph from one of my favorite eBook authors to display.

The only catch is that ó at least currently ó you can only sign in via a Twitter account, which means if you donít have a Twitter account, you canít get Kindlegraphs. Hopefully, the developer is looking at other ways to get these to people ó if nothing else, adding Facebook connectivity would expand the potential audience enormously.

Itís kind of a silly idea, admittedly, but itís kind of cool as well. Itís a fun way to give your eBooks a little added meaning. There arenít any big name authors signed up for the service (at least, not yet ó Iím lookiní at you, Stephen King!) but the number of books and authors available on the service is going up very quickly. Iíve added both Other Peopleís Heroes and A Long November to the catalog of available titles. If you own either of these ó hell, even if youíve got OPH in print ó and youíd like an ďautograph,Ē just click in and make the request!

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  1. Terry Verticchio's Avatar
    An intriguing notion. But unlike real signatures, how does Kindle-tures increase the value of the book? C'mon, you think I want some guy/girl to scribble in my book cuz I like it? When he/she dies and becomes famous that scribble will be worth a fortune!
  2. Blake Petit's Avatar
    I promise you this, Terry: right now, my electronic signature is worth exactly as much as my real one.