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Waylon Wernette

2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys

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I thought it would be fun to post a blog detailing my thoughts on the state of the 2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys, and what I feel they should do for a successful season.


CAP SPACE: Upwards of around $20 million. With restructuring and hopefully signing Franchise Tagged OLB Anthony Spencer, Dallas will have more money available.

Draft 1st Round: Dallas needs to draft either S Mark Barron, DT Dontari Poe, or G David Decastro in the first round.

Free Agency: Sign CB Brandon Carr out of Kansas City, Backup QB Shaun Hill out of Detroit, C Scott Wells out of Green Bay, and in a perfect world DE Mario Williams out of Houston. Williams is probably a pipe dream, but a D line with Ware, Ratliff, Poe, and Williams all coming at the QB would be insane! Maybe take a look at S Laron Landry out of Washington if his Achilles is alright if Dallas doesn't draft a S like Barron in the first round.

Needs: Top CB in Free Agency. Decent back up QB in Free Agency (Kitna retired). Pass Rusher in draft or Free Agency if they can find one cheap enough. O-line help in the draft at G and C positions. S help in the first couple of rounds, not many top end S in the Free Agency this year. ILB help if Bruce Carter doesn't work out and Dallas lets Bradie James and Keith Brookings walk in the Free Agency. Dallas could also use depth at D-Line and LB positions.

Wants: A big NT to eat up the middle and let Ratliff attack from the outside at the DE position. Pairing him on the same side as Ware would be a nightmare for O-lines. Poe would fill this role, but NT Paul Soliai from the Miami Dolphins is a beast at 6 ft 4 inches and weighs 355 lbs. He's a free agent this year and was placed on the AFC Pro Bowl squad after Ngata dropped out from BAL. Dallas commented that they love Ratliff at the NT position. While he excels there, he's wearing himself out at a faster rate as he's small for the position. Moving him to DE would add years to his career.

Dallas needs a CB bad as Terrance Newman is scheduled to be released after poor performances the last couple of seasons. The dude has pulled or torn his groin the past three years. There's been a lot of talk about Cortland Finnegan out of Tennessee, but he's 31 and a bit of a problem child when he's unhappy. Brandon Carr has a similar skills set and he's only 26. KC wanted to keep him, but CB Flowers won out when it came time to lock one of them up to a long term contract.

Dallas needs to draft a few more offensive linemen and possibly sign a reasonably priced G or C in the Free Agency to bring a little experience and leadership to the young pack of pups.

Resign: WR Laurent Robinson. He had a breakout year with Dallas in the 2011-2012 season. The guy was a TD monster and Romo's go to guy when Miles Austin and Dez Bryant were injured throughout the season. He said he wants to stay in Dallas, but if he commands too much money, Dallas may have to let him walk and let another WR from the current roster or the draft fill the slot spot.

OLB Anthony Spencer. Dallas placed the franchise tag on Spencer which pays him $8 million this season. That's way too much money to drop on a decent non rushing linebacker for one year. Spencer is a run stopping beast and great in coverage, but if I'm dropping $8 million on a OLB, he better be a hell of a rusher. Dallas has never franchised a player and not signed him to a multi year deal before the beginning of the season, so look for Dallas to work out some kind of deal which will open up more money this year for other free agent needs.

S Abe Elam. Elam started the season strong, but struggled further into the year. He knows Rob Ryan's defense like the back of his hand, so it makes sense to bring him back so he can help the younger guys figure it out.

MOST IMPORTANTLY DALLAS NEEDS TO HAVE A ALL AROUND GOOD DRAFT! For the better part of a decade now Dallas usually only drafts one good/great player per draft. Compare this to other teams who usually get four to five per draft and you start to see the Cowboys' problem. Hell a lot of Dallas' starters or stars are undrafted free agents. Just look at Romo, Austin, Ogletree, etc. Jerry needs to pump his brakes, lose the ego, and sign a real general manager. This year there are a ton of good to great G.M.s looking for a home. I can't believe Jerry hasn't signed one yet. Scratch that, actually I can believe it. Here's to hoping Jerry dies or retires soon, and his son Stephen hires a G.M. and steps back.

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  1. Mark Blicharz's Avatar
    Dallas needs a more durable RB as well to keep the pressure off Romo and help keep Felix Jones rested. They really don't need help on the defensive line but they do on the offensive line and desperately in the secondary.
  2. Waylon Wernette's Avatar
    Eh Murray getting his ankle ****ed was more of a freak accident. They have a third RB named Tanner who's faster than Jones or Murray. Murray should be the full time starter this year with Jones as the third down back.