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Craig Reade

User Albums on cxPulp!

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I've decided to go ahead and start blogging about the different features on the site here. Hopefully If people are aware of the different features on the site they will take advantage of them!

First a quick announcement - embedding of images has been enabled in the Arena and Games forum. Let's see how that goes...

One of the features that has been active for some time on the site is the ability for users to upload photos to their profile. I know of one user in particular that has already uploaded some images some time ago - Lord Raiden. If you click his name you can head to his profile and see what I mean.

On a users profile page, under his Activity tab, there is a choice to view Photos that user has recently updated. Unfortunately, Lord Raiden uploaded his photos some time ago, and they are too old to appear in that feed. To view his albums, if you scroll down, you will see them listed on the left-side of the page under his Friend's List. Users are able to comment on Publicly posted photos.

You can also post photos that are only visible to those on your Friends list (and moderators, in case there are some abusive posts that need handled).

With the recent changes to the site, if you upload a public image, it will appear in the Activity Stream for all to see. Comments on Photos will also now appear in the Activity Stream. Prior to the changes to "What's New?" photos tended to be in a dark corner of the site that had to be stumbled upon. Now the feature is a little more useful!

If you have any problems posting photos, making comments, or have any general questions, please feel free to ask.

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  1. Waylon Wernette's Avatar
    Cool feature.