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Thread: The Avengers Vs The JSA

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    The Avengers Vs The JSA

    The Avengers:

    Wonder Man
    Monica Rambue
    Iron Man


    The JSA:

    Cap. Marvel classic
    Dr.Fate classic
    Power Girl
    Atom Smasher
    G.L Alan

    Who wins? No prep...

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    Give me the JSA. Alan, Fate, Power Girl or Captain Marvel can occupy Thor, thus leaving the other three to wreak havok on the Avengers.

    Overall the JSA is more powerful than the JLA

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    This is a stomp IMO for the JSA. Classic Dr. Fate and Alan are too much for them. Add in two super bricks like PG and Capt. Cheese and this is a sure fire lock.

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    Which fate is considered classic?

    I lean Avengers here. But depending on the fate it could get pretty close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Where Is Tony View Post
    Which fate is considered classic?
    I always take it to mean Kent Nelson.

    I also find it ridiculous that the new Fate is Kent V. Nelson. I mean, the family naming thing is nice, but as a fan, it's much nicer being able to easily distinguish between two characters, especially when one is awesome and one is... not.


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