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Thread: Ultimate Team Tournament

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    1. Gamma Humans-None of the mutants can drain them, and Hulk is Banner and can prep as such.

    2. Magicians-Dr. Fate and Dr. Doom are prep gods. Only DS can prep on the Gods side.

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    1. Mutants-Magneto/Full-Powered Cable/Havok


    Gamma Humans-Hulk/Skaar/Rulk

    2. Gods-Darkseid/Hercules/Ares


    Magicians-Dr. Fate/Dr. Doom/Zatanna

    Give me a hug!!!!

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    Championship Round (No prep):

    Mutants-Magneto/Full-Powered Cable/Havok


    Magicians-Dr. Fate/Dr. Doom/Zatanna

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    Magicians. Doom is TP resistant enough to take on any of these three. And Havok doesn't really belong in this fight. Doom and Zatanna have a chance here, adding Fate is overkill.

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    I think you're overrating Zatanna. IMO Havok could take her out. Doom vs Full-Powered Cable would be bad for Doom IMO.

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    Mutants, no prep means fate will have his helm banging on his head, Doom can protect himself from mags, but he can't protect from a beating at cable's hands.

    Give me a hug!!!!

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    Who is magic resistant on that other team? Without prep what do they know about Zatanna?

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    Give me magic. Fate, Zatanna could duo this throw in Doom with his intel on the other team and its a wash


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