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Thread: Next DC Animated Feature is Batman/Superman...

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    Next DC Animated Feature is Batman/Superman...

    Well it's been announced. After the Red Hood animated movie gets released, the next one is already in development. It will be the sequel to the Batman/Superman: Public Enemies storyline "Batman/Superman: Apocalypse."

    The storyline itself is VERY larger than life, with Bats/Superman/Wonderwoman all going to apocalypse to get supergirl back. Hopefully it will capture some of the awesome batman moments and cut out some of the supergirl shopping and Bats/Sups vs Wonderwoman plot lines which felt a bit out of place.

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    Glad to hear they got Tim Daley and Kevin Conroy back for this one. I understand why they can't use them for every feature (budget), but they really are THE animated Batman and Superman to me.

    And Summer Glau as Supergirl? I approve.
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    There's no other Batman (at least animated) other than Conroy. Glad to hear they've got him back. Daly is also very good. Will definitely check it out.


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